Frequently Asked Questions

It takes roughly three hours or so to fully charge the dock, and about one hour to charge the earphones.

Once you've set up the earphones to pair with your device through the Bluetooth's settings, it should automatically pair as it's taken out of the case.

Yes! The earphones have a built-in microphone with noise-canceling features.

Simply tap on the multifunction button (the surface of the earphones) once.

Simply double tap the multifunction button.

Pressing the button once will play/pause your media. Pressing the button twice will go to the next track. Pressing the three times will go to the previous track.

Press and hold the button/surface of the earphones for about three seconds. The LED lights should start flashing in blue which indicates the earphones are on.
To turn off, hold for about five seconds, in which the earphones should flash red which indicates that they're off.

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